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The Raptor Filmz 2016 Short Scottish Film Festival 

Tickets are now on sale for our much anticipated Scottish Short Film Festival at the Bathgate Regal from 3pm on Friday 5th February 2016!

Start the weekend with a bang with 24 short Scottish films! 

Part One is from 3pm-6pm, tickets £6

Part Two is from 7pm-10pm, tickets £6

Both Parts : £10

Book your tickets by calling the regal Box Office on 01506 630 085 or book online here.

For more information, click here.

Join our event on facebook here.

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Wedding packages! 


We have incorporated our Economy package with our Silver package to make it more affordable to those with a lower budget in mind, and reduced the workload for ourselves in order to reduce costs. Basically we have removed lapel mics, steadicam and one camera from the package, but still believe we can offer a solid job for this price.

Our Gold Package is stll the same awesome value, with a slight increase in price to reflect the quality of our equipment, experience, skills and amount of workload to process your video. Compared to our competitors, we're still ahead of the game.

Our Platinum Package - wow! Two camera operators, three cameras, lapel mics, steadicam, Go Pro, from Bridal Prep to midnight coverage, we might even throw in a wedding preview of the ceremony edited in time for the evening guests to watch it on a projector screen (facilities and time permitting)

Contact us for more information on any of these packages or how to mix and match for the ideal one for you, on 07899 718775 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Wedding Invitations

The first big news is that after a year of practising calligraphy, my wife has perfected her hand-made, hand-drawn wedding invitations. We can now offer these to you for just £2 each. Please contact us on 07899 718775 or email for more information about these.


Raptor Filmz Wedding Invitations 3


Wedding Photography

 Did you know we also can provide wedding photography? Why go to two different companies and risk friction on the day when you can have a tried and tested team co-operating with each other seamlessly on the day? Contact us for more info :)

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The Regal/Raptor Practical Film-Making Course

Part Two of our practical film-making course has now begun! With a swathe of Short Film Festivals around the world and right here in Scotland, why not take us up on our offer to help you make a film? Contact me on 07899 718775 or by email on to sign up, or come along for a day to see what we do :) Saturday mornings at Raptor Filmz in Livingston, Saturday afternoons at the Bathgate Regal in Bathgate.

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Our Partners


On the offchance that we are fully booked on the date you require a videographer, we recommend:


Samson Video Productions, Cumbernauld, Glasgow

Troika Productions, Glasgow

Quick Off The Mark Productions, Glasgow

MadDonald Studio, Lanark, Glasgow

UNSCENE Production Company, Glasgow

Buy The Ticket Productions, Fife


Please mention Raptor Filmz when talking to them. Then I'll get some free Guinness!Thanks!

Raptor Filmz Ltd.


We heartily recommend DropBox for online back-up and file sharing! 


 Chris Young has what it takes to make your video happen!

- The Rev. J.J. Vicars