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Whatever your video needs, be it for weddings, business, short films, music videos, events, stage productions or documentaries, with our two HD camera set up, steadicam system, high quality sound and lighting, we are here to make sure your videos get made and seen. 

But video production is not the only aspect to Raptor Filmz. We also provide a selection of DVDs for sale, and online videos for pay per view. Check out our DVD store for our slowly growing cache of outstanding products. 


We specialize in wedding videos in West Lothian. As wedding videographers in West Lothian we are perfectly placed to make wedding videos in Edinburgh or Glasgow, and if you don't mind helping out with the fuels costs, we're happy to make wedding videos in Scotland - any part you can think of!


What makes us different.

Raptor Filmz is primarily a film-maker, with twelve plus weddings, two feature-length films, four short films, and three music videos behind us, the only way is up. We approach your wedding video neither wholly as a film or a concert, but somewhere in-between. We gather as much footage as possible, and weave it caringly together with your favourite songs to create a narrative as well as collection of music videos, using beautiful, heartwarming or humorous scenes that will leave a lasting impression with the viewer. Because the best day of your life should last more than just one day. Relive it again and again, with family and friends, forever.

We now shoot wedding videos all over Scotland. Contact us soon for availability!


Not only do we make wedding DVDs in West Lothian, we also are expanding our corporate videography in Scotland. So if you run a small business or are a marketing company searching for online video marketing companies in Scotland, you've come to the right place! Click on our "all services" page to find out how Raptor Filmz Ltd. can help you make online promotional videos that are both eye-catching and creative, as well as tailor-made for your customers. For effective online video marketing in Scotland, look no further. If your website doesn't have a striking yet informative video telling prospective clients exactly what you can do for them in under 60 seconds, you may be missing out.



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Our Partners


On the offchance that we are fully booked on the date you require a videographer, we recommend:


Samson Video Productions, Cumbernauld, Glasgow

Troika Productions, Glasgow

Quick Off The Mark Productions, Glasgow

MadDonald Studio, Lanark, Glasgow

UNSCENE Production Company, Glasgow

Buy The Ticket Productions, Fife


Please mention Raptor Filmz when talking to them. Thanks!




Raptor Filmz recommends Adrive rocks! for 50GB free online storage and file transfer!


We also heartily recommend DropBox for online back-up and file sharing! 


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 Chris Young has what it takes to make your video happen!

- The Rev. J.J. Vicars