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19th June 2014!


Welcome to the new front page set up of the Raptor Filmz website. Rather than have the same old static “About Us” info day in day out, we’ve decided to move all of that to the “About Us” section. I know it seems a radical and risky move, but after two years we think we’re ready :)


The front page of the website will now take on the form of the front page of a newspaper, with headlines, stories, news, recommended viewing, job offers and deals. The video player at the top will be refreshed as a new video in the relevant topic is finalised, so please do cycle through the options occasionally.


The French Interns


Yes, the French interns have returned to their home country, and again we have to say thank you for their help, energy and insight into the daily runnings of Raptor Filmz. We made a few videos, reached out to a few people for NBLB Films, sent out a few newsletters, and conducted a detailed, eye-opening study into the inner workings of this exciting red raptor video machine! The office is quieter without them and I will miss the flurry of continental chatter upon the sudden and unexpected encounter with an incomprehensible scotsman in the kitchenette.


Interns Pic


I hope we gave them some knowledge and experience in the workplace that they arrived home wiser and more self-assured. personally I think they learned that small businesses are chaotic maelstroms of deadlines, problems, mechanical failures and “make best with what you can”, which I suppose is the reality of modern day survival in the world of business enterprise. Even Richard Branson hasn’t had it easy.


But hopefully they’ll drop by again someday, or we might even go to France and bump into them at a Parisian roadside cafe over an espresso and choc au pain.


New Wedding Video Packages


We are excited to announce that we have introduced several new elements and changes to our wedding packages.


  • Our old Silver “ceremony only’ package has been altered to include the speeches and first dance, now covering all the essentials.
  • We can now offer the possibility of having your ceremony captured and edited in time to show via HD projector so that you , your guests, and your evening guests who missed it, can enjoy it later in the evening.
  • What better way to watch the finished wedding than on a large projector screen with champagne, nibbles and two dozen guests at our Mini-Cine at Raptor Filmz? (A big thank you to Robert MacDonald for this one :))
  • And of course, the most exciting of all, is our combined video/photo options. So simple I don’t know why it’s not common practice. Why take a chance having two strangers competing for the best shot and getting in each other’s frame at the most important day of your life, when you can hire us to work together - a tried and tested multi camera team? As my French interns might have said, “C’est une non de Braineur”
  • Have we mentioned the three different payment plans opening up discounts for early payments?
  • Also, we have embedded a google “Availability” Calendar on our Wedding Videography page, so you can instantly check to see if we are available and send us the linked questionnaire.

New Wedding Prices 2014 jpg



One of the main things the interns taught me is that if I were to pay myself a decent hourly wage for a Gold Wedding at 2013/2014 prices (£525) with the amount of time and effort I put into it, or contracted out, I would have made a loss of £115 per wedding. This was quite a shock. So it made me look at things quite differently. How much does it actually cost to shoot and produce these videos? So I sat down and wrote it out. Below is the result.


 Video Production costs


“Why pay a grand for a wedding video when I can get a friend to do it for free?” Yes, that’s a fair question. And if your friend has two high-quality professional standard cameras, a steady cam system, two tripods, four microphones, eight years practical film-making experience, two years and two dozen wedding-film making experience, an eye for original video, an ear for the music you love, the ability to match them up, a romantic bent, doesn’t mind working 12 hours on your wedding day or carrying heavy equipment up and down stairs, and has two weeks free to edit it all, then by all means I would choose your friend. In fact if you give me his email address I’d like to employ him :) But when you really think about it, to record the best day of your life on film with music and sound and movement and lights flashing in such a way that photography can’t, a grand sounds like a lot when you pay it in one go, but you’ve been building to this moment all your life, and you’ll be able to enjoy it for the rest of your lives. If you were to spread it out, it’s probably a dozen pounds per year. About a £1 per month. Not much to make sure your second happiest rite of passage is recorded forever, I’d say.


More information about our wedding photography and DVD packages, and the availability calendar, can be found here.




Don't forget that Raptor TV is on 24/7 offering you great videos and inviting you to rate the best ones. In addition to this our summer HOTFEST online film festival will kick off from 1st July to 31st July, so please watch the entries and rate as you like! The winner  at the end of the month will be awarded a coveted Raptor Filmz Hotfest certificate!



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Our Partners


On the offchance that we are fully booked on the date you require a videographer, we recommend:


Samson Video Productions, Cumbernauld, Glasgow

Troika Productions, Glasgow

Quick Off The Mark Productions, Glasgow

MadDonald Studio, Lanark, Glasgow

UNSCENE Production Company, Glasgow

Buy The Ticket Productions, Fife


Please mention Raptor Filmz when talking to them. Then I'll get some free Guinness! Woo Hoo! Thanks!


Raptor Filmz recommends Adrive rocks! for 50GB free online storage and file transfer!


We also heartily recommend DropBox for online back-up and file sharing! 




 Chris Young has what it takes to make your video happen!

- The Rev. J.J. Vicars